Our Mission

We exist to equip ambitious transitioning veterans with the tools, resources, and strategies to live a high performing civilian life.

Our Vision

To create a community of passion driven veterans through our coaching programs, training programs, and retreats. We seek to help over 100,000 veterans see their greatness fulfilled, live a meaningful life, and maintain their high performance standards out of the uniform.

Core Values


Veteran Empowerment Transition Training & Coaching is a veteran owned company founded by a Marine Corp Veteran. We are driven off providing innovative and highly effective solutions for three needs 1) Discovering individuality 2) Finding a meaningful life 3) Gaining support needed to create momentum out of uniform. We have spent the past year teaming up with some of the top thought leaders in the nation committed to serving veterans and helping them live a passion driven live after the military. Vet Training & Coaching has formulated a proven strategy to help the ambitious “underdog” enlisted transitioning veteran succeed in filling all of these needs, setting a strong foundation for execution, confidence, and clarity for their next mission in life.

Founder Chris Hoffmann’s approach is to have every veteran get the tools to execute AND create real results in their lives with velocity. Chris holding a degree in Psychology, being a Veteran Development Coach with Blue Rio Strategies: Hawk Eye (CCE), a member at Golden LLC (holding their Golden Personality Profiler and VAL Certifications) sets high standards for veterans working with him. He served four years in the United States Marine Corp traveling to places like Okinawa, Japan, Afghanistan manning a 240 Bravo 12 hours a day apart of a Quick Reaction Force, and San Diego, CA where he has made his home since departing in 2012. He knows firsthand what it’s like to transition back into a world who has moved on without him and could care less if he was a Corporal of Marines at some point.

Catching up with society can be a challenge and Vet Training & Coaching has narrowed that gap by teaming up with veteran transition experts across the nation to provide assessments, tools, ideas, and resources that will have even a veteran like Chris Hoffmann who was living in a one bedroom apartment with a school desk and wrestling mat to sleep on to his name back in 2013 become a highly skilled, credible, and valuable person to the market place. Chris has since then become a leader in a global personal/professional development company and is in the process of writing his first book to tell his story in finer detail. The strategies found in VET’s methodology is from thousands of hours of studying success strategies, market research from actual veteran’s just getting out, psychologist, and peak performance coaches around the world.

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Our proud contributors

“Scott Sorweid is the Owner/Operator of Right Foot Resume, a Professional Resume Writing / Design Service. Scott has written and designed over 1,800 award winning resumes over the past eight years covering most industries, including Military Service Members. He has experience in creating eye popping resume designs that have received the attention of many Fortune 500  and 1000 companies.  Scott has been published in both the Wall Street Journal and Union Tribune, and has spoken at various Career Events throughout the United States.

His specialties include Professional Identity, Resume Writing, Resume Design, and Cover Letters for Veterans who are transitioning out of Military Service. Before writing and designing resumes professionally full-time, he served as graphic and web designer for a large national website that served millions of users annually. Scott takes his two skills and passions, graphic design and writing, and combines them into his unique approach to resumes. If you want to really grab a recruiter’s attention by having a unique personal branded document, then Scott is your man.”

What Scott offers:

• Professional Resume Writing Service
3 formats (Word, PDF, and ASCII (on-line resume format))
• Professional Branding, including a personalized logo that you can use for years to come!
• Keyword Optimization
• Professional Cover Letter
• Personal Email & Phone Support

How to contact Scott:

Golden LLC – a pioneer in the assessment industry for 60 years. Their goal is to develop, research, and distribute the highest quality assessment products in the world.
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BlueRio Strategies – Hawk Eye: Mindful and Innovative, Military Transition, Life–Mapping and Career Management Coach Training

Mindful and Innovative, BlueRio’s Hawk Eye Coach Training (Track A) is the USA’a first certification course of its kind  to gain Center For Credentialing and Education (CCE) approval.  This program is about training individuals (civilians and military)  to help veterans, reservists, guardsmen and their families successfully manage transitioning from the military to the civilian sector with dignity, purpose and strategy.

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